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“What Services Should Patients Expect From A Specialty Pharmacy?”

September 12, 2016

The University of Pittsburgh Master of Science in Pharmacy Business Administration (MSPBA) congratulates Anthony Mazzarese for his second Specialty Pharmacy Times publication titled, “What Services Should Patients Expect From a Specialty Pharmacy?”.  Anthony explores the perspective of the two vital stakeholders when it comes to specialty medicines:  the patients and the providers.

Anthony Mazzarese is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Science in Pharmacy Business Administration (MSPBA) program at the University of Pittsburgh, a 12-month, executive-style graduate education program designed for working professionals striving to be tomorrow’s leaders in the business of medicines.  He is the Pharmacist-In-Charge at Giant Eagle Specialty Pharmacy. His practice is focused on improving medication compliance and overall wellbeing in the areas of HIV, auto-immune disorders, oncology, and organ transplantation.

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